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Community News


Hey hey hey!

So, due to popular demand, we’ve made a pretty big change to how you can show off which games you play. We’re in the process of uploading a huge list of games (over 110,000!!) to the platform's database. What does this mean for you? Well, initially, you had to head to your profile, choose “Other Game” and type in the game you play.  Instead, we've added a field with a filtered search option. This means that you’ll just need to type in a minimum of 3 letters and BOOM! the search filter will show a list of games for you to choose from!

Something to be aware of...if you currently have "Other Games" listed on your profile, you'll just have to go in and re-add your game with the new selection field. Sorry for the inconvenience but the new way is way cooler.

What if your favourite game isn't on the list? For now, it just might not have been uploaded but you do have a couple of options! You don’t need to wait!

1) Add it yourself by typing in the name, hit SAVE, and start winning

2) Shoot us a message and we can add it to the platform database. We can even add custom logos if that's something you'd like to see.

We’ll also be updating the FAQ with information regarding this update, but if anyone has any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to let us know!


Happy Wednesday!

David, Jeff, and Sean - Up Your eGame